How To Buy Cannabis

Ok, here we go, this is one of the touchiest legal subjects that there is to talk about. Buying weed….according to Federal Law it is illegal to buy, sell or give away Marijuana, that being said there are some states that are working toward legalizing the sale of California marijuana, but to be perfectly honest as long as the Fed is anti-pot there will always be problems associated with the purchase of this particular product.

There are several states in the US, Washington and Colorado among them that are working on passing state laws legalizing under certain conditions the sale of marijuana. Many of the laws on the table now include regulating it much as alcohol use is regulated, such as you have to be 21 years old, you can’t smoke in public just like you can’t drink in public, and some DUI laws that will set an over the legal limit law similar to the Driving Under the Influence limits that are currently enforced in your state of residence. What this means is that if they catch you under the influence of marijuana with a blood content of more than 5 nanograms of active THC per milliliter, you could be convicted of a DUI. It’s the same as alcohol though; the police have to have probable cause to consider you impaired as it requires a blood test to prove it and they can’t do that by the roadside like they are able to do with alcohol stops and a breathalyzer test.

Alright, so, with all that being said and the warnings of “Be Careful or you could go to jail”, being stated, if you are curious enough to go searching on the internet, there are several overseas and European websites that will sell and ship you honest to goodness, real thing, marijuana.