Miniature Painting Business – How To Get Clients Or Prospects To Always Say Yes You

Whenever working with miniature painting company customers a fantastic point to bear in mind is to make them begin stating “yes” to you directly from the git go. The very best approach to achieve this is by asking them questions they cannot respond “NO” to. No really is a negative note.

For example, if you’re a child and you wanted to venture out and perform you’re likely very inventive at getting your mother or dad to say to you.

The craft of having “yes – yes” replies to whatever you ask individuals keeps them open minded throughout the sales process whereas a “no” response to any question that you ask them will start to shut their mind because of the rest of this term “no”.

I understand that when somebody calls me to possess some painting done they actually need the job done and also this yes-no material doesn’t matter all that much. However, I use this technique to create my telephone calls and quotes run easily. I only wish to let you become aware of this precious little key for the people handling abilities.

Whenever someone calls me to get a miniature painting service I give them a choice of 2 days and two distinct times of day for me to appear and perform the quote.

To set up a consultation I ask them, “Can Monday or Tuesday be safer to come over and do the quote for you?” and “Would mornings be O.K.? Or I will do a day quote for you.”

Doing so can help to keep your painting company customers open-minded and out of stating that awful unfavorable “NO” word. Plus, it:

A.) Eliminates any pressure or pressure in your part off from the consumer and

B.) It also permits them to create a simple choice (something most men and women hate to create ).